crimped mesh GW-06

crimped mesh GW-06

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Brand Name︰HUILONG

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ HUILONG is the stainless steel crimped wire mesh suppliers, presenting crimped mesh. Our crimped wire mesh is world widely renowned for its high level of strength. We have profound experience in dealing with all sorts of crimped wire mesh as well as stainless steel crimped wire mesh.

Wire Materials: Carbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire and stainless steel wire.

Weaving Patterns: Woven after crimped

Crimped wire mesh is mainly used as screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries.

Some galvanized crimped wire mesh and stainless steel crimped wire mesh products are used for roasting flour food and meat.

custom_attr9︰ Application:

Acoustics (screens, speakers etc.)

Fences of highways

Cities Street Design

Filters of Trucks, Cars, Tractors, Combines

Calibration and Screening of Coal, Stone Sorting etc.

Screens of Heating Devices

Ventilation Grids


Floorings, Stairs

Fences of the Lifts, Courts, Gardens, Electrical Devices etc.


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